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For the time being all offerings are on-line on Zoom as the Studio is currently closed. With further details given below, online events in January and February includes:

—Weekly Tuesday Evening Guided Meditation, 7.30pm-8.45pm, £10

—January 11th-31st, Exercise Your Meditation Muscle, 21 Day 10 minute Daily Meditation Challenge,  8.30am-8.40am, £21

—Saturday Morning Meditation, 16th January, 9.30am-12.30pm, Rest, Relax, Recover and Reflect, £25

—Saturday Morning Meditation, 13th February, 9.30am-12.30pm, Core Spiritual Practices that Reduce Anxiety and Stress, £25

To book any event email me at gillie_lenane1@hotmail.com

Here are more details:

—Weekly Online Meditation Evening every Tuesday, 7.30pm–8.45pm, £10  

Deep relaxation and soul nourishment with a variety of meditation techniques, visualisations and uplifting readings from soulful poetry to guide you into an ever deepening sense of stillness and peace, making a difference to your wellbeing throughout your week.

Email at  gillie_lenane1@hotmail.com for details and to be added to the list to receive the weekly Zoom link.

Testimonials for the Tuesday Online Meditation Sessions:

“that was magic and deeply calming” TD

“I feel wonderful and so calm” JD

“Feeling very much rested, loved your natural imagery, very uplifting, thank you” VH

“Lovely, thank you, I want to go back to that peaceful place or straight to bed” LH

“Thank you Mother Gillian, Mother Nature, you worked your incredible magic, zoned out completely, thank you” AW

“I felt incredible stillness and am physically very relaxed” LP


—January 11th-31st, Exercise your Meditation Muscle, 21 Day 10 minute Daily Meditation Challenge,  8.30am-8.40am, £21

Practising meditation daily delivers the greatest benefits, including improved sleep, reduction of stress and anxiety and increased well-being. Challenge yourself and Join me every day on Zoom from 11th January at 8.30am for 10 minutes for 21 days to develop your meditation muscle to kick start a daily practice.  Start the day with a clear, peaceful mind and be amazed at how relaxed you feel after only 10 minutes and how much more you will achieve.

To join email me at gillie_lenane1@hotmail.com and I will send you the Zoom link and payment details.

—Saturday Morning Meditation Workshop, 16th January, 9.30am-12.30pm, £25    Join Me: Rest, Relax, Recover and Reflect

What a year, 2020, we have all endured. Surely things will start to look brighter for 2021. And in preparation for that I am offering a whole morning on Zoom when, in the safe and comfortable privacy of your own home, I will guide you into deep relaxation and through some reflective and creative exercises, help you to let go of everything that has happened over the last year. And then encourage you to dare to envision a 2021 of positive possibilities.

To Book: Drop me an email and I will save you a place and email you the Zoom link together with payment and any other details you need to join this workshop.

Places Available: 10

—Saturday Morning Meditation Workshop, 13th February, 9.30am-12.30pm, Core Spiritual Practices that Reduce Anxiety and Stress, £25

There are some classic core spiritual practices that are at the heart of every spiritual or religious tradition and which have a positive impact on our physiology and our health significantly reducing anxiety and stress.  We will be exploring and practising these spiritual exercises during this workshop so you will be able to implement them in your daily life to manage stress and anxiety.

To Book: Drop me an email and I will save you a place and email you the Zoom link together with payment and any other details you need to join this workshop.

Places Available: 10




Meditation Evenings, Workshops & Courses

All other events due to be held in the studio are cancelled for the time being.

Beginner’s Meditation & Mindfulness Course

It is so much easier to learn to meditate in a group/discover the techniques that suit you/be supported as you create a daily practice/enjoy the beautiful, comfortable dedicated sacred space of the Studio/on-going drop in evenings that will continue to support your practice.

And learn to relax deeply and easily with Monday & Tuesday guided meditation evenings, Saturday morning workshops, six week Courses & individual meditation training & online meditations… more

Surrey retreat garden

Rejuvenating Retreats for Women

For the time being all retreats are cancelled due to the Pandemic

NEW: Restorative retreat by the sea on Cornwall’s wild north coast. Time to stop, be still, listen to the sound of the ocean and immerse yourself in wild nature.  Thursday 3rd–Sunday 7th September.

Supporting women to restore balance and harmony in their lives, one-day retreats give you time out from a busy life… more

Enneagram course logo

Courses..Finding a Mystical Path and Becoming Fearless

This Course is also cancelled for the time being


Rebel Mystic Women 14th November 2020–8th May 2021

A 7 month course  for women who want a deeper relationship with their Soul and the Mysteries of Grace and who want the resources to become fearless in their life (like the Rebel Mystic Women) and walk their own mystical path.

The Rebel mystic women throughout the centuries, including Hildegard of Bingen, the Beguines, Julian of Norwich and St Teresa of Avila will be our guides and inspiration,  deepening the safe and loving embrace of stillness offered by this course.

This Course now includes the Enneagram weekend workshop.

“…a most incredible blessing of self-learning…. gracious, generous, continual, loving holding and support….received the greatest gift of trust in myself”. ST


Labyrinth course logo

The Healing Labyrinth

Experience the 4000 year old healing power of the labyrinth, the ancient sacred symbol found in many of the world’s traditions… more

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1-1 Journey Therapy  I have now started offering one to one sessions again in the studio.

Email me for information gillie-lenane1@hotmail.com

Discover emotional health and well-being with 1-1 Journey Therapy TM with an accredited Journey practitioner in Surrey… more

Surrey meditation course leader Gillian Lenane

About Gillian Lenane

My life is deeply enriched by meditation and the ability to just relax, accept myself as I am and rest in stillness. Through my meditation… more

Link to Naomi Lenane

For resolving injuries and restoring muscular health through unique hands on therapy and rehabilitation programmes. Visit http://www.naomilenane.com