“Your innermost sense of self, of who you are,
is inseparable from stillness.”
– Eckhart Tolle

Online Meditation Course

Take the 21 Day Online Meditation Challenge

Practising meditation daily delivers the greatest benefits, including improved sleep, reduction of stress and anxiety and increased well-being.

Download the 21 Day Course from here or Join me Live in January 2024

Develop your meditation muscle and kick start your practice in 21 days with daily 10 minute guided meditations by downloading the online course described below.  Start the day with a clear, peaceful mind and be amazed at how relaxed you feel after only 10 minutes, and how much more you will achieve.

New for January 2024

11th–31st January 8.30am-8.45am, Exercise Your Meditation Muscle, £41  Re-boot your meditation practice for the New Year by taking a 21-day challenge with a daily 15 minute meditation with me on Zoom. 

The Meditations

1. The Breath
2. Listen to Sounds
3. Body Scan
4. Breath and Stillness
5. Deep Rest
6. Colour
7. Let Stillness Capture You
8. Inner Smile
9. Seashore
10. Waterfall
11. Tree
12. Garden Sounds
13. Nature
14. Absorbing Stillness
15. Mantra
16. Just Resting
17. Release Burdens
18. Prayer
19. Become a Mountain
20. Favourite Approach
21. Deepening Stillness

About the Online Meditation Challenge

This 21-day meditation challenge was created in January 2021 in response to the unpleasant and often traumatic experience of being locked down for a second time during the pandemic.  Knowing how much my regular meditation practice supports me during times of difficulty and stress I wanted to help participants create their own daily practice that could immediately start to deliver the benefits of relaxation.  The 10-minute meditations that you can access here were originally broadcast live on Zoom over a period of 21 days. 

Each 10-minute session begins and finishes the same way because this helps your neurology to create a meditation habit. The middle part of the guided meditation is different each time giving you a variety so you can choose the techniques that work for you and that you can use to build your own meditation practice.

I encourage you to continue to listen to your favourite meditations after the 21 days because this will continue to help you establish a daily practice. After a while you will find that you will be able to guide yourself into meditation and relaxation using your preferred techniques.


The price for all the meditations is £21

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What people have said about the 21 day Online Meditation Challenge…

“Millions of thanks for a wonderful meditation course through January 2021 – delicious to find calm amongst the challenges we are all facing at this moment. The beauty was the simplicity of each meditation allowing both a beginner or experienced meditator to rest deeply in the sacred space of our own inner stillness – whether we are in the perfect place and time or on a crowded bus! And the meditations showed us a variety of ways to access this stillness which could be brief interludes in our busy lives or an opening to a deeper experience when we have the need or opportunity. Gillian – your gentle, soft and warm voice tone promotes relaxation. It was especially useful to me to connect to your amazing work on Zoom as I do not live locally to attend courses when they are running. And thanks for the reminder to smile more every day. Millions of thanks again.”


“Thank you again. I honestly never found a morning meditation very beneficial in the past – probably I’m guessing because plans for the day tended to intrude. However ,you have managed to teach how easy it is to sink into that quiet stillness, and it has become ever more important to me. I have every intention of persevering!”


“I am enjoying the meditation challenge as it is getting me into a routine of meditation every day. I feel that I am starting to let go of my thoughts a bit more than when I started. I usually do it for longer & am feeling the benefit from it.”


“I just wanted to let you know that I’m finding the challenge very beneficial. It means that I do definitely start the day with meditation which keeps me on an even keel for the whole day. Also I’m finding that doing 10 minutes with you gets me deeper than if I was meditating on my own so I then only seem to need another 10 minutes or so on my own and it’s sufficient.”


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