Gillian Lenane meditation teacher and labyrinth facilitator

Gillian Lenane

My meditation practice has kept me sane! Relaxation and meditation, in all its many forms, create the steeping stones through my chaotic emotional and mental life safely delivering me to the doorway of inner stillness, wisdom and guidance.

I now recognise this stillness within my body as the bridge to my soul and to the Divine. In this place I ‘know’ my soul, I listen to its gentle voice of wisdom and guidance and I am often overwhelmed by feelings of compassion, connection, awe and gratitude.

Since I first discovered my meditative pathway, I have felt drawn to create safe and sacred spaces where I could guide and support women to find their own pathway through deep rest, relaxation, acceptance of, kindness towards and reconnection with their own body slowly revealing the bridge to their soul.

This is not a quick fix! There is no one map and it’s different for everyone. I’m just helping you to remember. I invite you to join me in sacred space, usually my studio, and let my voice guide your body into relaxation. As we ‘marinate in stillness’ together or in a group, slowly over time your body will relax deeper and deeper gently revealing your meditative pathway. You will discover an ever-deepening sense of stillness giving access to your inner wisdom, guidance, understanding, compassion and a connection to your own soul. As you practice kindness and affection towards yourself you will recognise your own body as a sacred doorway to your soul.

I offer a variety of deepening ‘marinating levels’ from Tuesday meditation evenings through Saturday mornings to one day retreats, soul and mystical journey courses and a residential soul retreat in Cornwall.

Throughout our time together I will always encourage you to create your own daily practice of resting in stillness because this is key to training your body to respond with deepening relaxation forging a stronger pathway to your soul. There are many guided meditations to download from this website to support you.

The meditation I practice is inspired by the work of Brandon Bays and the Journey and in 2005 I trained to become an Accredited Journey Therapist. I discovered that the Journey offers profound opportunities for healing and personal transformation. It has become an integral part of everything I offer.

Another profound influence on my soul journey have been the numerous courses and writings of William Bloom. Thank you William from the depths of my heart for all your soul teachings.

About my academic history and training, I started out as a Scientist with a degree in Marine Biology and an M.Sc in Information Science and worked for some time as an Information Scientist. I re-trained 30 years ago in Massage, Reflexology and Healing gaining ITEC qualifications.

Along the way I also earned a City & Guilds Teaching Certificate. I have taught Reflexology and Meditation in Further Education, as well as Meditation to staff in the NHS. I also have experience of working with cancer patients at the MacMillan Butterfly Centre where I helped to set up a healing service.

What people have said…

“I have been working with Gillian since 2018 in group settings and on a 1-1 basis. She is a wonderful facilitator with the most beautiful energy and has fully supported me on my spiritual path with her wisdom, guidance and love.

The work we have done together has made a significant difference to my life; ultimately helping me to find a stillness within myself that offers a safe sanctuary when the outside world feels difficult.

Through Gillian’s expert ability to hold the space I have been supported to experience my true essence. In doing so I have increased my understanding of myself, released old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve me and released past hurts and traumas. I have also reduced the level of anxiety I was experiencing to a normal level where I am able to consider coming off antidepressant medication after many years taking them.

Gillian is a truly remarkable healer who has a real gift to offer the world.”


“I am more deeply connected to my soul; I now have a compassionate ‘view’ across the years of my life and I feel detached from the drama. I am more in touch with my feminine self and value her so much more deeply.”


“Incredibly restful morning, allowing a period of reflection and more. Participating in Gillian’s sessions has significantly improved my wellbeing.”


“A deep re-awakening of my progress on my own spiritual path. It’s been immensely challenging at times but I feel this love has opened my mind through prompting thought, enabling me to explore this in a supportive group and with excellent guidance and resources.”


“The atmosphere that Gillian creates on her Retreats is very caring and supportive. The Vision Retreat I attended in January was well organised but more than that it was very inclusive and caring. Her hospitality (the Retreat was run in an annex to her home in the garden) was gracious and freely given with lots of lovely things that made the experience that bit more enjoyable; log fires in her sitting room, a massive selection of teas, infusions and coffee, hot soup at lunchtime (even though she asks you bring a packed lunch). She has an openness that encourages more generosity of spirit which produced a very supportive and creative time for me. I would highly recommend Gillian’s Retreats—this day has really helped me to expand my thinking and also to focus on where I am right now and where I want to be!”