“Be still.
Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity.”
– Lao Tzu

Saturday Morning Meditation Workshops, Pop-up Events – £35

From time to time, I offer a Saturday morning meditation workshop giving you an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice and soak in an oasis of stillness. These are mornings of deep relaxation. There is also a gentle focus on spiritual teachings and guidance to support your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being, especially during times of life challenges and stress. They take place within the safe and loving embrace of the sacred space of the Studio (Epsom).


Workshops take place from 9.30am–12.30pm in the dedicated sacred space of my Epsom Studio with a maximum of 6 participants.

A break for tea/coffee/refreshments is included.

Next Workshops


1st September: A Morning of Silence

Enjoy the incredible transformative benefits of resting in silence. A guided experience that will support you as you allow yourself to be captured by silence.

30th September: Tips for Psychic Protection for Sensitive People

If you are sensitive to atmospheres in places and around other people or if you find yourself constantly drained of energy or frequently overwhelmed by everything you will find the exercises in this workshop especially helpful. Knowing how to safely open and close down your energy field and how to increase your feelings of safety when you feel vulnerable are essential skills to help you remain centred, grounded and confidant. 

28th October: Connecting with the Stillness of Trees 

As we approach winter the natural world prepares for hibernation. Trees release their leaves and life within them slows down. In this workshop we will be connecting through meditation and visualisation with nature and trees to help us let go of the activities of summer and become mindful that we too need to slow down and support our bodies as daylight diminishes and it becomes colder. We will also be using the essences of the Ash tree and Apple tree to deepen this connection to the stillness of trees.

2nd December: Finding a Positive Connection with the Soul of Christmas

Everyone wants Christmas day to go smoothly and be a lovely experience. Each of us will reflect on what the heart and soul of Christmas means to us and how we can bring this into our home to celebrate Christmas.   Through meditation and visualisation we will connect with the angelic archetype of Christmas, enlisting their help and asking for their blessings to dissolve negative associations and help create a joyful Christmas day. 

3rd February: Self-Healing Exercises to Facilitate a Healthy Flow of Subtle Energy Through the Body

Stagnant or stuck subtle energy in our bodies often contributes to feelings of tension, discomfort and irritability.  Restoring the flow of this energy creates harmony and health releasing congestion. We can support this through gentle Chi Gong type exercises such a ‘bone marrow breathing’ and through visualisation.   


The price each workshop is £35

What people have said…

“Every time I take part in one of Gillian’s sessions, I come away renewed and restored. This Saturday morning was for me like a trip to the beach without leaving the house. Afterwards I felt a depth of comfort and beauty that stays with you and, in my case at least, provided for a wonderful night’s sleep and the confidence to keep on going onwards and upwards – even through difficult times. I so appreciate the wisdom, experience, gentleness and insight that imbue her sessions and help to make them special, safe and very healing for mind, body and spirit. Her warmth and fantastic sense of humour also mean that sessions are filled with joy and laughter – so very uplifting. I can’t thank Gillian enough and recommend her highly.”
C S.

“Incredibly restful morning, allowing a period of reflection and more.
Participating in Gillian’s sessions has significantly improved my wellbeing.”

“I have been meaning to email you sooner regarding the lovely morning we all shared a couple of weeks ago. Wow it was truly amazing!! Just what I needed to be able to reflect on 2020 realise that although it was extremely tough, I still managed it. This has helped me so much to have had that time and space to reflect. I can now put 2020 to bed!! Then to feel my little one move around inside me was really special!! I felt so much relief and release afterwards. I felt amazing!! Saturday afternoon I developed a headache but from the Sunday I felt like a new woman and felt much more able to manage everything throughout that week!! So I know I can feel that way again it is just trying to manage it myself to be able to feel that way!! Thank you so much. I know I can feel this inner peace and I know I can release my anxiety symptoms it is just having the confidence to know this but your session truly was amazing”.