One Day Retreats – Time Out From a Busy Schedule

Retreats 2018/2019 (See below for full details)

Beyond the Void Retreat Course for Women that began in 2015 has now morphed into ‘Weaving a Mystical Path Inspired by Mystic Women’. Dates and details for 2018/19 are on the ‘Courses’ page. This includes two days with the wisdom of the Enneagram.

Saturday 21st April  – One Day Retreat – Rebel Mystic Women throughout the Centuries

Monday 25th–Thursday 28th June – Residential Silent Retreat – St. Cuthman’s, Sussex. I will be supporting Marion Young as she facilitates this retreat. For details please visit

Saturday 10th November –  One Day Retreat – Deep rest and relaxation: taking time out to de-stress your body and boost your immune system before the Christmas rush. Epsom Studio.

Saturday 19th January 2019  – One Day Retreat – Creating a Vision for Yourself for 2018. Epsom Studio.


“The atmosphere that Gillian creates on her Retreats is very caring and supportive. The Vision Retreat I attended on 20th January was well organised but more than that it was very inclusive and caring. Her hospitality (the Retreat was run in an annex to her home in the garden) was gracious and freely given with lots of lovely things that made the experience that bit more enjoyable; log fires in her sitting room, a massive selection of teas, infusions and coffee, hot soup at lunchtime (even though she asks you bring a packed lunch). She has an openness that encourages more generosity of spirit which produced a very supportive and creative time for me. I would highly recommend Gillian’s Retreats—this day has really helped me to expand my thinking and also to focus on where I am right now and where I want to be!” Camberley

Surrey retreat house

Many of us lead very stressful lives and we do not give ourselves the chance, either to rest, or to review what might need changing to reduce stress in our lives. We have often lost touch with our ability to relax and with our internal intuitive resources.

A Retreat offers you the opportunity for deep relaxation, self-healing and a chance to reflect on your lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.  This facilitates access to your own innate source of wisdom, a place where you can find supportive answers to any current dilemmas.

Upcoming Retreats for Women in 2018

One Day Retreats for Women, Epsom

Retreat garden in surrey
One Day Retreats offer you the opportunity to enter into deep stillness and relaxation, completely switching off for a whole day. The experience is like being wrapped in a loving, all embracing cloak so you can let go and be yourself. By the end, you will feel deeply refreshed and rested.

Saturday 21st April 2018 – Rebel Mystic Women throughout the Centuries

Surrey retreat room I will be introducing you to some amazing women who resisted the Church authority in their day because they were strong enough to follow the internal call, guidance and wisdom of their own soul. We will explore their wisdom and legacies that still speak to us today. During quiet reflection you will be guided to make your own connection to the consciousness of these extraordinary women. 

As we sink into deep relaxation allowing the stillness to envelope us we will access our inner knowing that will guide us to reflect on our own unique response to the Divine in our lives.

Saturday 10th November 2018 – Deep rest and relaxation; de-stressing your body and boosting your immune system before the Christmas rush.

Surrey garden labyrinth
Winter is a time of hibernation for Nature. For us, as we approach Christmas, it is often a time of frenetic activity. I feel there is a part of us that is physically responding to the increasing cold and reduced light; a part that naturally wants to hibernate. Over-riding this may cause us to feel stressed and out of balance. In this Retreat we will explore ways we can honour and create a natural rhythm of rest and activity in our lives that will support our immune system and keep us healthy.

Saturday 19th January  – Creating a vision for yourself for 2019

Meditation roomDuring this Retreat you will be guided to reflect on how you feel about your life, to notice what you want to release, what inspires and motivates you and how you can start to weave what you feel passionate about into your daily life.

The Details

All One Day Retreats begin at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm and take place in my Epsom studio with access to our lovely garden and home. The cost is £65 and maximum numbers are  6 to ensure plenty of space for deep rest and relaxation.  Light refreshments, teas, coffee, water will be provided and you are invited to bring a packed lunch. It is recommended that you wear warm comfortable clothing and bring outdoor wear and shoes, as well as slippers or socks.

To book a place please call me on 01372 722816 or 07867 542456 or send me an e-mail.