Learn to Relax Deeply with Mindful Meditation courses in Surrey

Upcoming Courses/Sessions 2018

Fortnightly Monday & some Tuesday Evening Guided Meditation Sessions.….Newcomers Welcome…upcoming dates are   3rd,4th,16th &17th September See more dates on the Events  page.

Some more meditation downloads were added this Spring to this web site. If you do not already have the link to these then drop me an email at

Saturday Morning Meditation Sessions….the next one  will take place on 15th September and the focus will be on connecting with the stillness in trees.

The next 6 week Beginner’s Meditation & Mindfulness CourseWednesday evenings 7.30pm-9.00pm  starting 7th November until 12th December 2018.

The next 6 Week Deepening Your Meditation Practice Course… Tuesday evenings 7.30pm–9.30pm starting 15th January 2019 until 19th February 2019.

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Meditation candle used for meditation in surrey with Gillian LenaneI teach a very simple and effective form of meditation that is suitable for everyone. My goal is to empower participants to create their own daily practice of mindful meditation. Relaxation is gently achieved by an open and welcoming approach that guides the participant to become mindful and focus on whatever is happening at that moment. Sounds, the breath, physical sensation and thoughts are all used as easy gateways to experiencing relaxation and peace.

A regular meditation practice quickly yields a variety of benefits including better sleep, reduced stress and tension, a calmer mind and an increasing sense of peace and well-being in your daily life.

If you would like to know more about any of the courses on offer, please call me on 01372 722816 or 07867 542456 or send me an e-mail.

6 Week Beginner’s Meditation & Mindfulness Course

An introduction to an easily learnt style of mindful meditation. You will be supported and encouraged to establish your own daily practice so you can enjoy the many benefits of meditation. All Courses take place in my Studio in Epsom with a maximum of 9 participants and the cost is £97.

  • “I enjoyed the course and am now able to meditate at home, already experiencing the benefits. I look forward to continuing this journey.” SJ
  • “It has encouraged me to make the time for myself, be it short or long, in order to meditate. I feel energised and more relaxed in my everyday life when I maintain meditation practice and I feel enabled to deal with difficult situations in a calmer more rational manner. It helps me to feel better and more confident in all situations I encounter”.BC

Future Beginner’s Meditation & Mindfulness Courses

Wednesday Evenings 7.30pm-9.00pm,  7th November–12th December 2018  Email me to book a place

You can also see the Events page for other dates and times, and send me an e-mail to make a booking.

6 Week Deepening Your Meditation Practice Course

This course is held in a deep embrace of Stillness and Sacred Space that naturally guides you to deepen and strengthen your mindful meditation practice. You will also be introduced to a self-awareness and self-reflective process, as well as additional meditation approaches.

  • “This accessible Meditation Course in a caring and supportive environment is so life enhancing and transforming” JF
  • “My meditation practice has become more regular, positively inspiring me to look forward to it” SC

All Courses are held in my Studio in Epsom with a maximum of 9 participants and the cost is £137. New courses start each January, please visit the Events page for dates and times, and send me an e-mail to make a booking.

Future Deepening your Meditation Practice Course

Tuesday evenings, 7.30pm-9.30pm, 15th January–19th February 2019. Email me to book a place.


Monday & Tuesday Meditation Evening Sessions 7.30pm–9.00pm Epsom Studio, next dates are  3rd & 4th September.

Held in my dedicated Studio, these are beautiful evenings of guided meditation, deep rest, relaxation and stillness.  They are designed to support the on-going mindfulness and meditation practice of course participants. Newcomers interested in attending a course are also welcome. The cost for the evening is £10.

Dates vary although generally these sessions are held fortnightly. For specific dates please visit the ‘Schedule of Events’ page.

Please note that because of increasing popularity and limited space–maximum 10, it is now necessary to book in advance for these sessions
You can also see the Events page for  dates and times, and send me an e-mail to make a booking.

Saturday Morning Meditation Sessions

From time to time I offer a Saturday meditation session that gives an opportunity to deepen  your mindful meditation practice in an oasis of calm for a whole morning.  Each session includes  a specific focus on teachings about energy medicine or spiritual development.   They all take place from 9.30am–12.30pm in the warm, supportive atmosphere of my Epsom Studio with a maximum of 7 participants. A break for tea/coffee/refreshments is included and the cost is £30.

Forthcoming Saturday Morning Meditation Sessions 2018

19th May 9.30am-12.30pm — Spirituality & Meditation   (1 place still available)                                                                  An exploration of how the practice of meditation and resting in stillness can support and create a framework for spiritual growth.   Understanding the difference between psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, aura reading or mediumship and walking a spiritual path.

23rd June  9.30am-12.30pm — The Secrets of Forgiveness  (Full with a waiting list)                                                       Holding on to resentment, anger and hurt  veils your perception of reality and uses up unnecessary amounts of energy that can leave you feeling physically depleted. Forgiveness enables you to release these harmful emotions and helps you let go of the people and issue involved.  This leaves you free and open with more energy to embrace a more vibrant life.  Many find forgiveness difficult and during the morning we will explore different ways to access and create forgiveness in our life.

14th July 9.30am-12.30pm — The Inner Smile & Practising Compassionate Kindness                                                                                                                                                        It is easy to indulge in self-criticism and judgement of others especially when things do not turn out the way we expected or wanted.  Practising the arts of inner smiling and compassionate kindness softens the critical voice lodged in our minds, reducing feelings of stress and supporting positive outcomes and better relationships with ourselves and others, especially when “things go wrong”.

15th September  9.30am-12.30pm – Connecting with the Stillness in Trees                               Spending time in nature away from the usual demands of life helps to clear the mind and creates relaxation. We will be deepening this effect by consciously taking time to connect to the still nature of trees, in particular to the huge beautiful Ash tree in my garden. We will be using essence of Ash to support this connection. We will also experiment with essence of the Apple Tree.

For future dates, see the Events page or why not join my mailing list?

To make a booking, please send me an e-mail

One to One Meditation Training

I offer 3 individual mindfulness meditation training sessions based on the Beginner’s Meditation Course. You will be guided to choose the meditation techniques that work best for you and you will be supported in the creation of your own daily meditation practice.

  • “It has been amazing… I feel more relaxed and am able to meditate on my own now. It was an ideal starting point. I recommend meditation to anyone wanting to achieve ‘space’ in their lives and I thoroughly recommend Gillian as the person to guide you into it. She instils confidence, calm and encouragement.” GF

All Meditation Training takes place in my Studio, each session is an hour and the cost for the 3 sessions is £180.

To find out more and to book 1:1 Meditation Training, please call me on 01372 722816 or 07867 542456 or send me an e-mail.

Labyrinth Meditations, 1st July & 23rd September

I offer 4 meditative Labyrinth walks on the outdoor Labyrinths at the time of the Solstices and Equinoxes in December, March/April, June/July and September at the Kosmon Sanctuary, Walton-on-the-Hill, Epsom, Surrey.  Next dates are Sunday 3.oopm–5.30pm, 23rd September & 16th December.  Email me to book a place.  Read more about the Labyrinth here…

Friday Morning Group – inspired by the Journey

The Friday Morning Group offers guided meditation and a supportive and understanding environment for anyone who is experiencing emotional and / or spiritual confusion. At certain times in our lives events may overwhelm us.

This may be in the form of physical illness, relationship difficulties with our partners or other family members, times of bereavement, traumas experienced by our children or simply a longing for things to be different. We may find ourselves at a turning point of change and feel all sorts of emotions. Find out more about the Friday Morning Group here…