The Labyrinth

Finding yourself in the Labyrinth

“Solvitur Ambulado” – It is solved by walking

Upcoming Labyrinth Events

I usually hold 4 group walks a year in December, March, June and September at the time of the Solstices and Equinoxes on the large 40ft diameter outdoor Chartres-style medieval Labyrinth at the Kosmon Sanctuary, Walton on the Hill, Surrey. We built this using flint stones and wood chippings from the surrounding land.

Future Dates for Group Walks at the Kosmon Sanctuary are currently unavailable
Walking the Labyrinth  gives us opportunity to reflect on what we want to release and on what we would like to ‘birth’ into our lives. Before the walk we will enter into stillness with guided meditation and reflect on our intention for the walk. Afterwards there will be a chance to share some of your experience and then there will be tea and biscuits.
The cost is £15 payable on arrival.

Walking the sacred space within a labyrinth always offers you the opportunity to connect with your inner stillness and intuitive wisdom. Unlike a maze, there is only one path in and out of a labyrinth so you can completely relax into quiet reflection. As you walk into the labyrinth you may experience a gentle cleansing and release of emotion, as you pause in the centre you may receive internal guidance and as you walk out there may be a sense of integration. There is always a gift of wisdom which, if not revealed during the walk, may be realised later.

Our group walks offer you information, guidance and support to help deepen your labyrinth experience. Afterwards there is the option to share your experience followed by tea and biscuits.

If you would like to join us on the above dates please email Gillian for a place at or call 01372 722816 or 07867 542456 for details…


Gillian Lenane surrey labyrinth facilitator

Gillian Lenane laying out a labyrinth at St. Michael’s Sanctuary, Ewell, Surrey

The Labyrinth is a spiral pattern with a 4000 year history across many human cultures and traditions. Its origin is obscure but the original classical Labyrinth pattern has been found throughout Southern Europe and North Africa since about 2000BCE for example, inscribed in caves in Sardinia, on pottery from the Cretan civilisation and on coins, tiles and in paintings.

kosman labyrinth

Gillian created this outdoor permanent 7 circuit classical labyrinth at Walton-on-the-Hill in Surrey, with the help of her local community

From 165BCE – 400CE the Romans created more complex Labyrinth designs for mosaic pavements laid out in villas and other buildings, but these were too small to walk.

In the 9th Century a monk called Otfrid, added 4 extra circuits to the Labyrinth symbol and created what became known as the medieval Labyrinth, the best example of which can be seen in Chartres Cathedral in France. These were built to walk as were the later classical or medieval Labyrinths of the 12th to 17th Century in Northern Europe.

Recently, a late 20th early 21st Century revival is now creating many new Labyrinths of contemporary design especially in Europe and North America.

In the Labyrinth there is only a single path that leads to the centre and out again. Unlike a maze, you cannot get lost in a Labyrinth. In a maze it is an intellectual exercise to find your way around.

In a Labyrinth you can relax, allowing you to engage the intuitive right side of the brain as you wend your way to the centre.

Garden labyrinth in surrey

Garden labyrinth for retreat participants

In the context of the group walks the Labyrinth is a sacred space for participants to completely relax into meditative reflection as they walk. It seems that the single path, that constantly turns either right or left, has a soothing, ‘rocking’ effect on the brain.

The Labyrinth can be seen as a metaphor for the Spiritual Journey. During a  walk participants may experience a release of emotional or mental layers as they move towards the centre, a feeling of receiving wisdom/peace/ guidance in the centre and a sense of integration as they walk out. It is said that the more you walk a Labyrinth the more you become yourself.

Perhaps the revival of the Labyrinth across cultures will assist humanity towards a more reflective, balanced and inclusive view of life on our planet.

If you would like to know more about the Labyrinth events on offer, or about any of the courses or retreats on offer, please call me on 01372 722816 or 07867 542456 or send me an e-mail.

Circular turf labyrinth

Medieval style turf labyrinth near Milton Keynes

Rectangular turf labyrinth

Rectangular turf labyrinth in Cornwall

Labyrinth at St Beuno's retreat centre in North Wales

Labyrinth at St Beuno’s retreat centre in North Wales