The Journey

Journey TherapyTM for Emotional Well-being

with Journey Therapist Gillian Lenane

The Journey logoJourney Process work is suitable for anyone, although I specialise in offering Journey Therapy to women who have either experienced a traumatic life experience,  who are struggling to manage challenging change in their lives or who simply feel they cannot cope.

The Journey was pioneered by Brandon Bays, and grew out of her own life crisis and desire for deep healing. She discovered that welcoming, accepting and fully acknowledging all emotions and past memories, offered a gateway into her own internal resources of stillness, peace and self-healing.

A Journey session takes place in an embrace of stillness and sacred space. There is nothing you have to do, simply close your eyes and allow yourself to relax as you are gently guided by my voice to access whatever emotional issue or trauma, past or present, is causing you distress.

Journey therapy chairs in Gillian Lenane's surrey studioAs a Journey Therapist I don’t have all or even any answers to your dilemmas, but I know that you do. My task is to support you with all the skills that I have and with my ability to sit alongside any depth of desperation, anger or traumatic emotion so you can find a way through to access your own guidance, wisdom, healing and transformation.

During the process you will be deeply supported and given tools and inner resources to find the strength, wisdom and power to forgive others and  heal old memories and events from your past, releasing limiting self beliefs and old patterns of behaviour. As you forgive and release the challenges you face you will begin to guide your life towards health and happiness. This is a profoundly transformational and deeply healing experience.

Afterwards you are given refreshments to allow the healing that has been initiated to begin integrating before returning home. Integration continues over the next month or so and I support you during this time with 3 follow up telephone calls.

I work as a Journey Therapist in Epsom, Surrey.

A Full Designer Journey Therapy Session lasts up to 3 hours or more, and costs £275 including 3 follow-up phone calls over the subsequent month; three Designer Journey Sessions are available for £795.

Mentoring using Journey techniques and self inquiry is available for £95 for an hour and half.

To book an appointment and to find out more, please call me on 01372 722816 or 07867 542456 or send me an e-mail.

  • “After suffering depression for some time due, I thought, to various bereavements and traumas in my life, during the Journey with you various hidden emotions were revealed and processed. Now I feel like a new person and can start living my life. I really do feel like this is the beginning of my life” MR