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What Is Soul?                                                                                                          A NEW Six Week Course in the Studio                                                          7th November–12th December 2021,                                                  Sunday Evenings, 6.00pm–8.00pm, £175                                                            Maximum 6 participants: 3 places left

What do we mean by ‘soul’? We use the word such a lot in both every day language and in a spiritual context. But do we understand or even know what we  mean when we talk about soul?

This six week course will dive into ancient esoteric spiritual teachings described as the ‘Golden Thread’ to help us explore what makes sense to each of us about the nature, qualities, journey and purpose of our soul. These teachings illustrate ideas of the origin of souls and of the processes of soul incarnation and of ongoing embodiment into our physical bodies exploring the impact on our psyches and bodies, especially our nervous systems.

Each session will include practical meditative and reflective exercises guiding you into stillness where your soul can more easily reveal its presence and you can more easily sense its energetic vibration. This will support you in gaining an understanding of how better to guide yourself into an ever deepening communication and relationship with your soul.

As you practice and feel a deeper connection this will nurture in you an expanding sense of compassion, wisdom, love, awareness, connectivity, humour and a lively curiosity. You will gradually gain a deeper meaning and understanding of your life becoming stronger, more secure, more resilient and more hopeful. You will acquire spiritual courage that will help you through the challenges of personal and spiritual development that we all face.

Guided stillness meditations, reflective exercises, visualisations, journaling, writing prompts and ‘homework’ will facilitate learning and practical experience on this course. Handouts will accompany each session and there will be a course folder and access to online meditations. The course will be held in the dedicated sacred space and loving embrace of the Studio.

Participants are invited to commit to attending all of the six week sessions.

 If you would like to join us please drop me an email at and I will save you a place and email you the joining details.


The Living Wisdom & Blessings of the Rebel Mystic Women: Dates for 2022 to be announced.

A 7 month course  for women who desire a deeper relationship with their Soul and the Mysteries of Grace and who want the resources to become fearless in their life (like the Rebel Mystic Women) and walk their own mystical path.


“Thank you so much for your guidance, wisdom and support throughout the rebel mystic women’s course. Who could have known when we began this course that the world would be facing a pandemic in the middle of it?! Thankfully the spiritual practices, resources, and inner wisdom that I developed as part of this course have helped me immensely throughout. It pains me to think how I might have coped otherwise. I have learned so much about myself on this course. I have processed old hurts and traumas and integrated them into who I am rather than disowning them. I have learned to let go of things so much so that the anxiety I have struggled with for many years seems to have levelled off to what i term ‘normal’ levels. I don’t let my mind run away with things the way I used to.
For the first time in my life, I feel connected & part of something bigger & meaningful. I feel supported by the universe & I have let go of feeling like a victim to circumstances. I feel a sense of my own power & it feels really good to walk this path with likeminded women & alongside women who have walked this path before us. I feel as though my journey has only just begun and I don’t know where it will take me but I’m okay with the uncertainty. 
I cannot recommend this course enough for anyone who like me was feeling lost & as though life lacked meaning. With your guidance Gillian, this course and the mystic women who have gone before me and my course buddy have inspired me so much to proceed on my spiritual path & see what joys await me.” NQ 


“I have learnt to turn off the negative conversations in my head at will so I no longer have to listen to the internal criticism. I am my own best friend. Your support during this Course has taught me boundless love for myself and others, self-care, self kindness and self compassion. I feel grounded and whole for the first time in my life – this is my new normal. It is joyful and a pleasure” LH


“A huge thank you for a wonderful experience that is life changing and life lasting. I realised that power comes from within and is within. I wanted to connect more deeply to and feel more fully my power as a woman and I have. My spiritual practices have deepened and I realise they are fundamental rather than optional.  This course has provided me role models and soul companions to help me understand what it is to walk a mystical path. You have provided us with vivid examples of women who have trod this path before us and connected us to their works so we can gain the benefit of what they learnt, how they lived and how they loved.” CS

“I have a new confidence that I know there is a beauty and stillness inside that I can access at any point. The fear I used to have has morphed into a steadier perspective; I feel more optimistic and at ease with myself and have found the ability to move things ahead in my life that had become stuck” VH

“My prayer was to deepen in Grace and let go of my ‘fears’ and this process has been initiated and continues. I now trust the silence and realise the energy that is within me and all around” MD

Here is guidance from the voice of Soul from St. Teresa of Avila 


If by chance you forget where I am,

do not rush around here and there.

If you want to find me,

seek me inside yourself.


you are my room,

you are my house, you are my dwelling.

If, through your distracted ways,

I ever find your door tightly closed,

do not seek me outside yourself.

To find me,

It will be enough simply to call me,

and I will come quickly.

Seek me inside yourself.

—-St. Teresa of Avila

Following St. Teresa’s advice we will be peering deep into the well of beliefs and stored emotions inside us that influence our patterns of behaviour and that create veils that obscure our access to our own Soul.   The Rebel mystic women throughout the centuries, including Mary Magdalene, Hildegard of Bingen, the Beguines, Julian of Norwich and St Teresa of Avila will be our guides and inspiration, together with appearances of mystical women from other traditions such as Chana of Ludmir and Mirabai of India. They will deepen the safe and loving embrace of stillness offered by this Course.  As we explore our inner landscapes, guided along the weaving path by these mystical women who have walked this way before us, we will be encouraged  to face our fears, release our past and regain our access to  internal strengths, intuition and wisdom. Gradually we will hear the guidance of our own soul and Grace more clearly leading us towards joy and freedom in our lives. And of course there will be lots of fun and laughter on the way in the happy tradition of our mystic sisters!

Extract from prayer to Sophia, the feminine aspect of the Divine:  

“We ask for your blessing and creative power, Sophia-Wisdom, That we your daughters may co-create with you and bring to birth a more holy and joyful world.”

See below for details…

Rebel Mystic Women

Meditation room

This Course will offer you a deep, safe, relaxed & loving embrace for you to embark on an inner voyage with the feminine mystery that lives within us & is intimately woven with the Divine Feminine. We won’t always be able to understand what is happening to us on this voyage but we can trust that a purification process will be initiated that will bring to the surface limiting beliefs, old emotional issues and traumas for acknowledgement, forgiveness and release. The living wisdom of our mystic women guides will inspire and guide this process and we will be able to lean into them and also into each other for support.  As you explore the sorrows and joys of our inner landscapes & touch the depth & range of emotions held hidden in our interior worlds you will gradually reclaim your inner strengths, wisdom and resources.You will find yourself relaxing, becoming truly yourself, enjoying each others company, making lifelong companions. We will all become more open and compassionate, able to receive a deeper stillness and silence, becoming immersed in Grace, creating a flowering of our consciousness.

As you continue to follow the thread inwards, you will be supported during the processes of forgiveness & release that will carry you effortlessly into the Stillness of the Void. This is a place that exists within each of us, a place the Mystical Women knew well. It offers you gateways to your own innate wisdom, compassion, kindness, peace & joy giving you a new perspective that can completely transform your life.

Retreat garden in surrey


To support and facilitate this process we will walk the Labyrinth laid out in my garden.  The spiral pattern is a recurring theme in feminine spirituality and It is said that ‘to walk the Labyrinth is to walk a spiritual path and become yourself’.

You will be given an introductory workbook for preparation before the Course as well as Course assignments, reviews, on-going group email support and a telephone call to support you each month. 


Surrey garden labyrinth

To support you during this Course I will use all of my therapeutic, healing and group facilitation skills acquired over the last 20 years of experience working with a variety of teachers. This includes my Journey training with Brandon Bays, my Spiritual Companionship training with William Bloom, Archetype training with Caroline Myss, Course Leaders training with Marion Young, Labyrinth training with Lauren Artress and a Retreat with the modern mystic Edwina Gateley.

There are only 6 places available and if you want to register your interest or ask questions about the Course & content then please email me at

 Dates, Venues,Times to be announced for 2022

The Course consists of  7 Saturdays 9.30am–3.30pm;  each day will take place in the Studio; between the Saturday sessions, there will be a Course handout and some books included, a monthly review form, a monthly mentoring call and ‘buddy’ call.

Course Contents

First Month  

The Mystical Call in the early years.  As children we know that some Mystics, especially Hildegard of Bingen and St. Theresa of Avila, already experienced a deep connection with Grace. Using this as inspiration we will explore our own childhood connection to our Soul and the Divine.   This will guide us towards ways to nurture our spiritual connection that will form the foundation for a daily spiritual practice that will support us throughout the course.

Second Month

Entering the Castle of our Soul. With the guidance offered by St. Teresa of Avila in her manuscript for an inner path to the Soul called ‘Entering the Castle’, we will explore our relationship to forgiveness and  humiliation as we seek ways to forgive and release anything that still anchors us into our past.

 Third and Fourth Months  

The Wisdom of the Enneagram in the Castle. During these two sessions we will focus on the  different ways that we try to control ourselves, our lives and other people to make us feel safe and accepted.  Once we start to become aware of our unconscious patterns of behaviour we can begin to witness them and step outside them. We will be guided by the spiritual practices of the Mystics to support us in this process. (See below for more details about the Enneagram).

Fifth Month 

Meeting our Ancestors in the Castle. As we continue to weave a deeper path into the Castle of our Soul we will be calling on our ancestors and Grace to support the release of genetic legacies of inherited behaviour patterns, emotional responses and thinking.  The Mystics will come close deepening the loving embrace for this session.

Sixth Month

Being with Ourselves, Our Soul and Grace Deep within the Castle of our Soul.  With the wisdom of Mary Magdalene we will experience the power of silence, a place of deep communion with our Soul and Grace; a place the Mystics knew well.

Seventh Month

Dancing with the Mystics and Creating a Promise for Ourselves. Making a commitment to continue to deepen our Soul Journey as we also celebrate the flowering of our consciousness and dance with the Mystics.

Price: £875

For a booking form or for more information, please call me on 01372 722816 or 07867 542456 or send me an e-mail.  A £200 deposit will secure your place and there is the option to pay the balance by instalments.


Testimonials from the One Day Retreat on Rebel Mystic Women on 21st April 2018

Amazing workshop, very much exceeded my expectations. Sudden realisation about programmes and patterns that I no longer require and am releasing them. Gillian holds the space beautifully” SK

“Thank you Gillian for another magical day. I feel inspired, refreshed and renewed – all in just a day, wonderful” CS

An amazing day which left me relaxed and inspired. The benefits of the last retreat stayed with me for weeks” NA

Some More Testimonials from the Spiritual Development Course for Women run by Gillian between 2015 & 2017

“During this Course I have found love, gratitude, peace and the ability to listen to my Soul. I will always be grateful to you Gillian for changing the way I see life, for dissolving my limiting beliefs, fears and worries and for holding the space where I was able to connect with the joy of my Soul”. KH

“The magical aspects of this Course for me were the deep meditations that you took us through and being able to access the energy of the labyrinths. These two things were doorways into something far greater than me and it was fantastic. Not always comfortable or easy and sometimes very painful and emotional but always transformative” JF

“I have become more relaxed and less angry and have let go of the past… I am a different person than I was at the beginning of the Course” JH

“I’m more relaxed, far more positive and less panicked. I meditate far more regularly and can connect to my inner stillness that I believe to be part of a vast consciousness” ST

The Enneagram – Understanding Ourselves & Transforming our Personal Relationships

The enneagramme pattern
The Enneagram is derived from an ancient sacred symbol and describes all human behaviour in the form of 9 personality types and their interaction with each other. In this two day workshop we use the Enneagram as a mirror to understand ourselves and our behaviours. This will give us a deeper understanding of the relationships we form with others.

The Enneagram also points us to a deeper reality of peace and stillness that exists inside us beneath all the behaviours, beliefs, emotions and mind chatter. When we access this source we have the opportunity for personal change and transformation of both ourselves and of our relationships.

“I loved this workshop, I came away with a far deeper understanding of the relationship I have with myself and others” Erica W., Esher.

For more information, please call me on 01372 722816 or 07867 542456 or send me an e-mail.