About me

About Gillian Lenane

Surrey meditation teacher and Journey Practitioner Gillian LenaneMy life is deeply enriched by meditation and the ability to just relax, accept myself as I am and rest in Stillness. Through my daily meditation practice I discovered a deep sense of peace, calm and happiness that exists beneath all the emotions and mind chatter generated by my life. Without meditation I would probably have become a nervous wreck so I’m on a mission to share my approach to meditation with anyone who will listen.

The meditation I practice is also inspired by the work of Brandon Bays and the Journey and in 2005 I trained to become an Accredited Journey Therapist. I discovered that the Journey offers profound opportunities for healing and personal transformation.

About my academic history, I started out as a Scientist with a degree in Marine Biology and an M.Sc in Information Science and worked for some time as an Information Scientist. I re-trained 30 years ago in Massage, Reflexology and Healing gaining ITEC qualifications.

Along the way I also earned a City & Guilds Teaching Certificate. I have taught Reflexology and Meditation in Further Education, as well as Meditation to staff in the NHS. I also have experience of working with cancer patients at the MacMillan Butterfly Centre where I helped to set up a healing service.

If you would like to know more about Journey Therapy, Mindful Meditation, or about any of the Courses, Workshops or Retreats I offer in Epsom, Surrey, please call me on 01372 722816 or 07867 542456 or send me an e-mail.